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A Nigerian social media star who turned out to be a billionaire through his photos on social media

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A Nigerian social media star who posts pictures of his luxury life on social media. And cheated and fraud with peoples by his luxury lifestyle on social media, he is Arrested in Dubai.

According to reports, Raymond Abbas, 38, was very popular on Instagram, where he was followed by more than 2.4 million people. He used to post pictures of his luxury life on his Instagram account. In one picture, he is shopping at the stores of expensive brands, enjoying the most expensive cars, and boarding a private jet.

 Raymond was arrested by the FBI yesterday on charges of cyber fraud after the photos surfaced. He was sleeping in his apartment in Dubai when the FBI raided. Investigators say the accused used to prey on people by showing off his luxury life on social media.

 He had so far looted Millions of dollars from people in many countries, including Europe, the United States, and Nigeria. Investigators claim that Raymond has so far looted a total of350 million (approximately Rs. 72.30 billion) from people in different countries.

Numerous phones and computers with e-mail addresses of more than 2 million people were recovered from him. Also, several luxury cars and a suitcase full of cash were recovered from his house. Dubai Police CID Brigadier Jamal Al-Jalaf said:

The accused used to create fake websites in the name of well-known companies and banks, and through them and his social media accounts, he stole people’s credit card information and their money. He used to withdraw money from their bank accounts.


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