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Abu Dhabi: One week extension of lockdown

Abu Dhabi has extended by one week the ban on movement in and out of the capital and between cities within the emirate starting from Tuesday, June 9, in its efforts to control the spread of the Corona pandemic.

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Abu Dhabi: The lockdown in Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates has been extended for a week, during which the residents of Abu Dhabi cannot go out, and no one can come from outside.

According to the Emirati News Agency, the authorities have said that the decision to extend the lockdown has been taken by one week keeping in view the recommendation of the committee set up to control the coronavirus and the epidemic situation in the state.


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Authorities say residents of the state of Abu Dhabi cannot go out during the lockdown, nor anyone can come from outside.


According to officials, a curfew is imposed on all residents of Abu Dhabi and other adjoining cities, with the exception of employees providing basic necessities.



Authorities added that residents of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al-Zafra could leave their homes to buy what they needed during curfew hours, but travel between those cities would be restricted.


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