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Another look-alike and this time for super start Mahira Khan

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It is a well-known fact that every human being in this world has at least 7 identical people, and at least 2 of them are exactly like each other.

And such things can be gauged from the recent viral images of Mahira Khan’s counterpart on social media.

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Initially, many people thought that the girl who looked like a superstar actress was Mahira Khan, but when they found out later, they laughed at her stupidity.

Interestingly, the girl who resembles Mahira Khan does not belong to any other country or city but also belongs to Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, from where Mahira Khan belongs.

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What is more interesting is that a girl like Mahira Khan is also seen modeling.

Mahira Khan’s counterpart is Kurasah Anwer Sheikh, and she is from Karachi.

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Kurasah Anwer Sheikh has already massive following on social media

Kurasah Anwer Sheikh copies the style of superstar Mahira Khan in a very good way to deceive the people, and the person who sees her, at first sight, considers her as Mahira Khan.

Krasa Anwar Sheikh has shared several photos on her Instagram in which she not only looks like a carbon copy of Mahira Khan but also wears the dress, make-up, and style as a well-known actress.


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