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Attack on stock exchange planned in India: Imran Khan

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said that there should be no doubt that the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange was planned in India.

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Addressing the National Assembly on Tuesday, he added that India had planned to destabilize Pakistan. “The attackers brought a lot of weapons, and their plan was to take the employees of the stock exchange hostage.”

The Prime Minister also paid tribute to the officials who foiled the attack on the stock exchange at the beginning of his speech.

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Mafia in PIA

During his speech, Imran Khan criticized the opposition and also talked about institutional reforms.

“PIA was the best airline in the world, I was proud of it, now there is a mafia in it too,” he said. In 10 years, 11 PIA heads have changed.

Referring to the steel mill, he said that it had incurred a debt of Rs. 250 billion today. “This closed mill was given Rs 34 billion in salaries.”

Criticizing the previous governments, the Prime Minister said that this was the case with the steel mills during his tenure, and now he stands up and talks about the workers.

Imran Khan further said that our government collected Rs 4,000 billion in taxes in the first year, out of which Rs 2,000 billion went to interest on loans.

“There are big mafias in the institutions. Time is needed to reform the institutions.”


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