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Boycott of Chinese goods in India is not feasible

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It’s not easy for more than half the world to boycott Chinese products. The reason is that China has captured the world’s market by producing bulk amounts in production and achieve the lowest cost of production.


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In a recent clash between India and China, the Indian nation and some government officials start rising voices to boycott Chinese products.


Now India’s top export promotion group says it is not feasible to boycott Chinese goods as India is heavily dependent on Chinese imports, but New Delhi should reduce its dependence on them


 According to international media reports, after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash between the two countries, the shipment from China to India’s main Chennai port has been stopped by customs officials for additional checking.


Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO) President Sharad Kumar said that given the recent clash with China, we support the government to make India self-reliant, but we must also keep in mind that we have a lot of critical raw materials and machinery and many things that we depend on china.


Talking to reporters, he said that the government should demand from the Indian people to stop buying Chinese goods, which are also manufactured by Indian companies, but banning or boycotting Chinese products would harm Indian industrialists.

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Keep in mind that recently 20 Indian soldiers are killed between china and Indian clash, and China is claiming that its 90,000 sq. Km area is located in India, in response to which India has claimed that its 38,000 sq. Km area is located in the mountainous region of Aksai Chin within China’s borders. On August 5, 2019, China unilaterally annexed the disputed territory of Ladakh as well as occupied Kashmir. 


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