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Bushra Ansari’s harsh response to criticism of a play goes viral

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Leading actress Bushra Ansari reacted sharply to criticism on a social media account regarding a play written by her.

She was heavily criticized in a review of the drama serial Zebaish on an online show called Aman TV and Me.

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Momin Ali Munshi and his mother, Lubna Faryad, have praised or criticized the work of the actors in reviews of various dramas.

Recently, the online show criticized the performances of Zara Noor Abbas and Asma Abbas in the drama Zebaish.

However, Bushra Ansari reacted strongly to the criticism by posting harsh comments on social media, which were later deleted.

In her comment, the actress wrote, “What a bad time has come for our dramas. Small-minded people have started talking nonsense about the hard work and creative work of artists.” What is their standard for this sector? I did not understand. After all, why do people watch such pando style shows, it is a sin to insult people’s dignity.

“It’s a lousy commentary. If you don’t like a drama, don’t watch it, don’t talk like a gutter about someone’s hard work,” he added. In fact, when people have nothing to do, they become jealous of what they are doing. Ignorance is evident on their faces. May Allah give them wisdom and provide them with honorable sustenance. It is haraam to earn income by destroying the future of the people. These are the corona of our lives. Allah will end them,


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