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Chinese Professor has led to a proposal to allow women to marry more than one man

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There are around 33.59 million more men than women in China. Male’s ratio more than women in china 105.58 males for 100 females.  One child policy or something else is the reason why there are many women than men in China at the moment and millions of unmarried men. It could be the reason some Chinese men looks women for marriages from other countries recently we have seen more than 600 women from Pakistan have married the Chinese men but most of them from christen families


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Now to deal with this situation, a Chinese professor Yew-Kwang Ng, Who is an economics professor at Fudan University in Shanghai, has suggested that every listener could be stunned. According to Mail Online, a 77-year-old Professor says that women in China should be allowed to have more than one marriage at a time so that men who are not getting a wife can also get married.


Yew-Kwang Ng said that “The authorities should consider this issue and allow women to have two or more marriages at the same time,” Men will agree with me because millions of men are single now and they are not getting wives. Of course, they will always prefer to share a wife with other men rather than remain single.” The gap between the figure of men and women in China is so wide that a recent study estimates that by 2050, there will be 30 million unmarried men.



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