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Court says sell Sugar at Rs 70 per kg across the country

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has ordered to sell sugar at Rs 70 per kg to the common man across the country.

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Athar Minallah the Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Justice heard the petition against the report of the Commission of Inquiry on the increase in sugar prices.

Ali Khan, a lawyer for the Sugar Mills Association, argued before the court that the commission had acted outside its TOR.

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Justice Athar Minallah remarked that the question of public interest has come up here, but no one has raised this question. The purpose for which the commission was formed has not been addressed. Something had to be done, but it was not done. In 2 years, the price of sugar has gone up from Rs 53 to Rs 85 per kg. The poor man needs sugar. Why is he being affected by such decisions?

The Chief Justice further said that the commission had not given any finding for the convenience of the common man, the sugar is the basic need of a laborer and they are subsidizing Coca-Cola, why they are not giving basic rights to the common man.

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Justice Athar Minallah said that we could ask the government by giving notice, but if you sell sugar for Rs 70 till then, if you accept the condition, then we will stop the government from taking action till the next hearing.

In this regard, the Chief Justice also asked the Additional Attorney General whether the federation would oppose the option of the court, to which the Additional Attorney General said that the government would not oppose it.

The court issued a conditional restraining order in favor of the Sugar Mills Association, ordering the sale of sugar for Rs 70 to the common man across the country till the next hearing.

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed the Registrar’s Office to fix the case for hearing after ten days. The notice was issued to Secretary Cabinet Division, Home Secretary, Special Assistant Mirza Shehzad Akbar, DG FIA, and others.


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