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COVID-19: New Zealand is Corona free now

New Zealand announces the elimination of "Corona" ... and the return of life without restrictions

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New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, said today (Monday) that the country has managed to eradicate the transmission of the Coronavirus locally, and will lift all containment measures except for border controls, which makes it one of the first countries to take this step.

Ardern stated that public and private events, the retail and hospitality sectors, and all public transportation can be resumed without the rules of social separation that still apply in most parts of the world.

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“While the mission is not over, it is undeniable that this is a major step,” she told reporters. Thank you, New Zealand. “We are confident that we have eliminated the virus in New Zealand today,” she said. But eliminating it is not a time stage; it is an ongoing effort.”

And while the South Pacific country of nearly five million people has managed to eradicate the epidemic, major economies such as Brazil, Britain, India, and the United States are suffering from the virus.

This is due, to a large extent, to the imposition of restrictions for 75 days, including about seven weeks of strict general isolation, which witnessed the closure of most business activities, and everyone except those working in basic jobs had to keep their homes.

“Today, after 75 days, we are ready,” Ardern said at the press conference, announcing that the government will remove restrictions on social separation from midnight on Monday and move to the first level of public alert. She added that controls at the border would continue, and any person entering the country will be examined.

Today, the New Zealand Ministry of Health stated that no active cases of the virus had been recorded for the first time since its appearance in late February, with New Zealand’s total of 1,154 deaths.


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