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Curfew imposed again in Jeddah

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After the increase of coronavirus cases, the Saudi government once again announced the curfew to control and stop spreading the coronavirus.


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According to a statement from the Saudi Interior Ministry, the curfew should be re-imposed in Jeddah from Saturday, June 6. The curfew will last from 3 pm to 6 am and will last for two weeks.


During the curfew in Jeddah, all mosques will be closed for prayers, and all public and private institutions will remain closed, shops and shopping malls will not be allowed to open, gatherings of more than five people will be banned. The curfew will be relaxed by the authorities from 6 am to 3 pm.


The Interior Ministry has said that in addition to local air and ground travel and curfew hours, people will also be allowed to visit the city. In addition, employees of key service providers who were exempt from the restrictions will continue to receive discounts after the new orders.

Keep in mind current coronavirus confirmed cases in Saudi Arabia reached 95,748, and total deaths are 642


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