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Donald Trump announcement to deploy troops across the country

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President Donald Trump addressing the nation said that justice would be done to George Floyd, a black farm dweller who was killed by a police officer, but that some people should refrain from arson and looting under the guise of protests. What happened in DC was a disgrace, and now we are going to take decisive action to protect the American capital


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President Donald Trump has said that we are with the peaceful protesters on the death of George Floyd, but unrest will not be allowed in any city, and troops will be deployed across the country to end the riots.


The President said that the law would punish those who pose a threat to the innocent. Be prepared, and protesters will face severe punishments and fines. Trump said the United States is taking new steps to end the unrest. Addressing the nation, Donald Trump also ordered governors to deploy National Guards in place of protests.


Sajid Tarar, an adviser to US President Donald Trump, said in a statement to the media that Trump had used harsh words for the first time today and instructed the governors to control the situation.


Sajid Tarar said that the President said that if the governors could not control the situation, they would call the army. The situation in the United States has been bad for only 24 hours, and the losers were not looters who came in the form of protesters to loot shops.


Keep in mind America got millions of dollars to lose in this protest. The riots loot dozens of vehicles, police vans, shopping malls, Brand shops.


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