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Hacking of Twitter accounts of USA Famous businessmen including former President Obama

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Whereas the multinational companies are always upgrading their security and other privacies system to safe from cyber-attack, the hackers also trying to find new ways of cyber-attacks.

Recently cyber-attack happened on twitter accounts of the USA well-known personalities, including Bill Gates, Alan Musk, Jeff Bezos, former President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden

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According to a foreign news agency, they revealed that their tweeters accounts had been hacked. Tweets were sent from their Twitter accounts in which it was promised that whoever sends money through bitcoin in 30 minutes will be doubled. Similar tweets were also made from Uber and Apple Twitter accounts

Other famous personalities include Warren Buffett, rapper Kanye West and former New York Governor Michael Bloomberg twitter accounts also have been hacked. Twitter says it is investigating the hack, but the hacking has reduced the company’s shares by 2.3 percent.

Keep in mind a few months ago Pakistani former well-known cricketer Waqar Younis tweeter was also hacked and liked the obscene video. Very next day morning, it was the top trend on tweeter, and Waqar Younis clarify it and decide to quit social media.

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