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How much external debt PTI government paid in the last two years??

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Industries and Production Hamad Azhar, while showing a mirror to the opposition parties, said that the government had paid 10 billion annually in external debt and Rs 5,000 billion in interest in two years.

According to ARY News, addressing a meeting of the National Assembly on Friday, the Federal Minister said, “Speakers in a tweet do not like to hear replies. In the last 20 years, the current account deficit has been the most important.” During the PPP tenure of the government, the gross domestic product (GDP) had reached minus 0.4.

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Hamad Azhar said that the current account deficit increases the volume of debt. When the PML-N government came to an end, the GDP was at 5.4 percent, but the international rating agency Moody’s had sounded the alarm for Pakistan.

“Growth was 17% in the first three quarters of this year. We had hoped to achieve the tax target of Rs 4,700 billion, but it was not possible due to the corona,” he said. International organizations have published a report that PML-N has left Pakistan’s economy on the brink of disaster.

“The PML-N leadership should not talk about sugar because it runs its own sugar business. We need to work together to reform the sugar industry”.

Hamad Azhar further said that no secret report on the economy had been submitted to the cabinet, all government agencies were involved in the budgeting process, and exports are expected to increase after the impact of the corona subsides.


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