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India ranks fifth in the world in coronavirus.

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Mumbai is the second-largest center of the coronavirus in India after Delhi. New Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister said that by the end of July if the number of cases of coronavirus had exceeded 500,000, the number of hospital beds would be reduced.

The number of corona cases in the Indian capital New Delhi is expected to cross 500,000 by the end of July, while hospitals cannot treat such a large number of coronavirus patients.

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According to Reuters news, there is no place in hospitals to treat the coronavirus patients in New Delhi, and peoples are dying at the hospital’s doors.

The Indian government imposed other bans, including lockdowns, in March, but the number of cases of the coronavirus is rising sharply, with rates equal to those of the world’s worst-affected countries.

Despite a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the country, the government has allowed the resumption of business activities to control the collapsing economy and to safe the people from dying with hunger

Keep in mind the total number of coronavirus cases in India is 266,598 and total deaths are 7,471 according to the rate at which cases are emerging, it will surpass the UK in a few days.


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