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Indian former PM Manmohan Singh says: Modi should stop false propaganda

Disinformation is no substitute for diplomacy or decisive leadership, says the former Prime Minister

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After the clash with China in Ladakh, a verbal war has broken out between the opposition Congress and the ruling BJP in India.

After Prime Minister Modi’s statement that ‘no one came there, no one is there, and India has not lost any of its posts,’ Rahul Gandhi tweeted that the Prime Minister came to China and surrendered and that he “It is not Narendra Modi, it is Surender Modi.” Earlier, he had asked how 20 Indian soldiers were “martyred.”

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On Monday, former Indian Prime Minister and Congress leader Dr. Manmohan Singh gave some suggestions to the Indian Prime Minister, which were rejected by BJP President JP Nanda.

Dr. Manmohan Singh wrote: “We will warn the government that misleading propaganda can never be a substitute for diplomacy and strong leadership. The truth cannot be suppressed by false propaganda by the allies who follow it”‘.

Advising Prime Minister Modi, Dr. Manmohan Singh wrote: “The Prime Minister must always be very careful about the implications for the country’s security, strategic and regional interests through his words and declarations.”

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Releasing Manmohan Singh’s statement, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wrote that he hoped the Prime Minister would consider his advice.

Objecting to Dr. Manmohan Singh’s statement, BJP President JP Nanda said that during his tenure, China had occupied a significant portion of India’s land.

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He tweeted: “Dear Dr. Singh and the Congress party, please stop repeatedly insulting our soldiers and questioning their bravery.” You did the same after the airstrike and the surgical strike. Please understand the true meaning of national unity, especially at such times. It’s not too late to improve. “

The BJP president responded to Manmohan Singh’s statement through several tweets.

In another post, he criticized the Congress party and the former prime minister, saying: “I wish he had expressed concern over China’s plan when he, as prime minister, had humiliated hundreds of square kilometers of Indian land. During his tenure, there were 600 incursions between 2010 and 2013.

In another tweet, he wrote: ‘Dr. Singh comes from the same party that gave more than 43,000 km of Indian land to China in a world of helplessness. They surrendered without a fight during the UPA era. They have repeatedly discouraged our forces. “

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Since Manmohan Singh’s advice, he has been trending on Twitter. Some people are calling his advice useless. Some people are saying that Manmohan Singh used to speak less, but he never lied to his country.


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