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Iranian Navy: We will build hypersonic missiles soon

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The commander of the Iranian naval force, Admiral Hussain Khanzadi has announced that it is close to obtaining a generation of hypersonic missiles and that the production of “hypersonic” missiles is on the agenda.

Khanzadi said: “The engines of the naval forces of the army missiles will undergo inevitable changes and should withstand more heat for a long time.”

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He added: “We will definitely have changes to the refueling systems and the marine navigation system in the Marine Force.”

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He continued: “We have succeeded in achieving missile production with a range of 300 km, and we will soon reach more exciting ranges, and the manufacture of golden generation missiles is part of the army’s naval power program.”

He explained, “The Navy will soon obtain a generation of hypersonic missiles in which new jet engines are used to move at supersonic speeds several times.

He stressed that “the Iranian naval force is looking forward to launching the missiles vertically, which will enable them to place more missiles on the deck of ships to hit more diversified targets.”


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