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Is Hamid Mir is Pakistan kurdoglu (Ertugrul)?

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Many of you have come across several Hamid mir statements that contradict his previous statement. But he never bothers to apologize for either one. Infect, he will become or behave like a DON.

Recently, The American Lady Cynthia D Ritchie, who introduces herself as an explorer has claimed that she was raped by the former interior minister Rehman Malik.

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These allegations are really damaging for the person, Party, or even for the country. The investigation should start without any delay.

Hamid Mir was so active during the Ayesha Gulalai allegation on Imran Khan. Now he doesn’t want to speak the allegation posed by another Lady, I don’t understand this so-called guy journalist what makes him talk about something. Obviously, I am not calling him paid journalist because I don’t have any proof,

Read more: Cynthia Ritchie complete allegation video on Rehman Malik

But just check out the great comparison video created by someone, So you will know his double standards.


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