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Is PubG Game really spying or just a rumors

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Mobile phone security watchdogs have revealed that iPhone users are being spied on with the help of PubGame and 53 other apps.

According to international media reports, mobile and cybersecurity watchdogs have investigated the spying on sensitive information of iPhone users.

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Experts said in their report that 53 apps, including Tik Tok and PubG, are engaged in spying on iPhone users through lip-syncing. With the help of these apps, sensitive information of users’ clipboards is being spied on.

According to experts, sensitive consumer information includes tracking phone passwords, cryptocurrencies, wallet addresses, account reset links, iCloud and private messages.

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Cyber ​​and mobile security watchdogs tried to publish the report in March but blocked it for a while after the iPhone was reassured.

Experts say that even after three months, the iPhone management did not remove the mentioned apps from the store and did not inform the users about this, the said companies are still spying.

Experts say that these apps pose a threat to users’ privacy because these applications read the information in the clipboard over and over again. This clipboard is commonly used by users to collect data from computers or other devices. In which most of the passwords and other important information are stored.

Researchers once again questioned why we did not understand why these apps were being used to spy on users and why Apple’s management had not taken action against these companies.


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