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Karachi plane crash: Detail report on pilot negligence

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crashed in Karachi due to negligence on the part of the pilot and air traffic control.

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The air traffic controller said not to land three times but the pilot ignored the instructions. The air traffic controller did not inform the pilot about the fire in the engine during the landing attempt.

Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan presented the interim investigation report of the Karachi PIA plane crash in the National Assembly.

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Presenting the report in the National Assembly, Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that the Commission of Inquiry was formed on the day of the crash while three days after the plane crash, the French investigation team came to Pakistan and visited the crash site.

The Aviation Minister said that a clear and transparent inquiry was being conducted and senior pilots were also included in the inquiry but it would take a year to prepare a complete report of the accident.

He said that according to the initial report, the plane was 100% fit for flight, the pilots were also medically fit to fly the plane while the pilots did not indicate any technical fault during the flight.

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Ghulam Sarwar Khan further said that the air traffic controller drew the attention of the pilots three times not to land and take a detour but the pilots ignored the instructions of the air traffic control,

Around distance of 10 miles from the runway, the plane should be at 2500 feet but the plane was at 7220 feet at the time and this was the first violation, the controller told the pilot three times not to land, the plane’s landing gear was opened at 10 nautical miles, but after reaching 5 nautical miles the landing gear was lifted again.

Presenting the report, the Federal Minister said that the plane could touch the runway at 1500 to 3000 feet on the runway. The plane was affected by engine rubbing on the runway and a fire broke out.

The pilot again ignored the instructions and flew the plane. Blown up, the controller also made a mistake. He should have told the pilot. When the plane took off, both engines were affected. Again he asked permission to land. The one who was given the approach, unfortunately, could not get there. The population dropped, both the pilot and the controller did not follow the usual procedure, the last three words of the pilot were oh Allah.

Coronavirus was in minds of pilot and co-pilot

Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that the pilot and co-pilot had Corona on their minds, all the conversations were on Corona. They Moved the plane from auto control to manual.

The Federal Minister said that 29 houses had been damaged due to the plane crash, and the houses on which the plane crashed have been surveyed while the damage to the households has also been surveyed.

He said that despite the personal interest of the Prime Minister and the situation in Corona, the Board of Inquiry had carried out its duties. All the compensation, motives, and facts will be brought to light. The full report will also be presented before this House.

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Ghulam Sarwar said that, unfortunately, the degrees of 4 PIA pilots turned out to be fake. Unfortunately, merit was ignored while recruiting pilots, pilots are also recruited on political grounds, which is a matter of concern.

“We are also informing the court about all the facts and action will be taken against those responsible without any discrimination,” he said.


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