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Karachi plane crash: Pilot negligence is the main cause of the crash

An interim investigation report prepared for the May 22 PIA plane crash in Karachi has identified the pilot's negligence as the main cause of the crash.

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The President of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board handed over the report of the Karachi plane crash to Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar.

According to the report, the record of the flight from Lahore to Karachi obtained from air traffic control has also been included.

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According to the report, the captain of the crashed plane ignored the instructions of the air traffic and approach controllers. An investigation team visit from the Airbus company was also included in the report.

The report identifies the cause and cause of the crash. The investigation report has identified the negligence of the pilot as the main cause of the accident. Other responsibilities were also identified in the report.

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The preliminary investigation report includes all the evidence gathered so far. The report also includes information from the captain’s duty roster, conversation with the air traffic controller, CCTV footage of the plane landing, flight data recorder, cockpit voice recorder.

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It may be recalled that on May 22, a PIA plane coming from Lahore to Karachi crashed into the population a few seconds away from the runway, killing 97 people, including the crew, while two others miraculously were saved.


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