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Karachi Plane Crash: There was no technical fault in the crashed plane: Preliminary report

The preliminary investigation report of the tragic crash of PIA PK8303 says there was no technical fault.

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In the preliminary investigation into the tragic crash of PIA PK8303 in Karachi last month, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus has indicated that there is no technical malfunction in the A320 aircraft, and airlines around the world have been informed that such aircraft Has been directed to continue the operation.

On the other hand, PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan, while confirming the receiving of the report of the aircraft manufacturer, said that PIA would work out its course of action in the light of the final inquiry report by the government of Pakistan.

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A letter from European aircraft maker Airbus to airlines around the world presents a preliminary investigation report into the May 22 plane crash in Karachi.

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Plane crash PIA announces Rs 1 million each for the burial of deceased

According to the report, after a detailed investigation in Pakistan, the Airbus team has come to the conclusion that no new recommendation should be made to the companies operating A320 aircraft.

According to civil aviation experts, this means that the aircraft manufacturer has not found any technical defects in the crashed plane.

According to experts, if any part of the plane is damaged during the investigation of the plane crash, the aircraft manufacturer issues an alert all over the world and directs to ground such planes until the fault is rectified.

It may be recalled that on May 22, a plane PK8303 coming from Lahore to Karachi crashed a few minutes before landing at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi due to a technical glitch in a nearby village. The plane was carrying 99 people, of whom 97 were killed, and two miraculously survived.

Karachi plane crash A Airbus team from France visists the crash site

The federal government formed a four-member team on May 22 to investigate the crash. According to the notification of the Aviation Division, the investigation team is headed by Air Commodore Muhammad Usman Ghani while Wing Commander Malik Muhammad Imran, Group Captain Tauqeer, and Nasir Majeed are members of the investigation team.

A few days after the accident, an Airbus team from France came to Pakistan to investigate and inspect the crash site in detail and gather information.

In a letter issued on June 5, after the investigation, Airbus Chief Product Safety Officer Yank Maligne said that the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder of the aircraft were taken from Pakistan to Paris and inspected by the Pakistani research team. We were also guided. Both recorders provided important information during the research.

After reviewing the information, Airbus decided not to issue any new safety recommendations. The company has assured that it will continue to co-operate with Pakistan in the investigation.

Plane Crash The engine of the crashed plane and its wreckage were taken off the houses

PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan said that no recommendation was made by the aircraft manufacturer regarding safety measures. This means that the aircraft was safe for flight, as well as other such aircraft owned by PIA are safe and operating under international certification.

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He said the letter meant “no manufacturing faults were found on the ship, and no shortcomings were observed in terms of repair and maintenance.”

It may be recalled that Federal Minister for Aviation Sarwar Khan has assured the Parliament in Parliament that the preliminary investigation report on the accident will be tabled in the National Assembly on June 22 while the full report will be presented in six months to a year.


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