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Lockdown in Sindh extended till June 30

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After an increase in the ratio of coronavirus, the Sindh government decided to extend the lockdown. The Sindh Home Department has extended the lockdown in the province till June 30 and issued a new order in this regard. In the notification, the Home Department said that the coronavirus epidemic had affected countries all over the world, including Pakistan. Special measures need to be taken for the prevention of the epidemic? According to the Home Department, the Sindh government issues instructions from time to time for the prevention of the epidemic.


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The statement said that the Supreme Court of Pakistan, in its self-notice, had directed to formulate a uniform policy on Corona across the country. According to the statement, the meeting of the National Coordinating Committee (NCC) to be held on June 1 today. During the COVID 19 Emergency Lockdown, detailed consideration was given to the implementation of the Economic Activities Code of Conduct (SOPs).



According to the Sindh Home Department, in light of the decisions of the National Coordination Committee, the Sindh government has decided that all educational and training institutions, marriage halls, business centers, and expo halls will remain closed. According to the notification, all sports activities including indoor and outdoor sports, gyms and clubs, will also be closed.


All types of restaurants and cafes will remain closed, but shopping and home delivery will be allowed, while hotels for tourists will also remain closed. According to the Sindh Home Department, all entertainment venues, parks, cinemas, and theatres will be closed. While beauty parlors are also not allowed to open. According to the declaration, all kinds of gatherings, processions, shrines in the province will be banned from any function until further orders.


According to the Sindh Home Department, the provincial transport minister will meet the transporter tomorrow for transport in the province, after which the transport will be allowed to run under the implementation of the code of conduct.


All markets and shops will be open five days a week, and business hours will be from 6 am to 7 pm. However, medical stores and essentials shops (dairy, retail, etc.) will remain open all week. Besides, the citizens have been asked not to leave their homes unnecessarily, and when going to public places, they must wear face masks and keep a social distance of 3 feet. The order of the Sindh Home Department will be effective until June 30. In that case, action will be taken according to law.

Keep in mind in Pakistan coronavirus cases reached till 76398 and in Sindh, the number of coronavirus cases 28245


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