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Minneapolis announced the Police dismantling: George Floyd case

Minneapolis authorities announce the dismantling of the city police following the killing of George Floyd

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The American Minneapolis authorities decided to “dismantle and rebuild” the city police, two weeks after the killing of the black citizen George Floyd at the hands of a white policeman, who will appear for the first time before the courts on charges of murder.

On the occurrence of the demonstrations against racism, which were sparked by this incident, the President of the Minneapolis Municipal Council Lisa Binder told Sunday, “CNN”: “We are committed to dismantling the police forces as we know them in the city of Minneapolis and rebuilding a new model of public safety that really guarantees the security of our society, And in partnership with our citizens. “

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She indicated that she intends to transfer the funds allocated to the city police budget to projects related to the population, adding that the city council also intends to study ways to replace the current police force.

“The idea that there is no police force is certainly not a short-term project,” she said.

For her part, council member Alondra Kanoo wrote on Twitter that the council concluded that the city police “are not reformable, and we will end the current system of maintaining security.”

However, the city’s mayor, Jacob Frye, informed before the council vote that he favored “a broad structural reform to re-establish this system of structural racism,” and therefore, the municipal council may need time to fulfill its promise to dismantle the Police.

On Sunday, Democrats called for a profound change in the Police, accused of racism and violent practices against black Americans.

On Monday, a number of Democratic members of Congress will introduce a law aimed at reforming the Police in the United States, considering that its practices against blacks are a racist result that imposes the history of the United States since the period of slavery.


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