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Emirates: missions to Mars Countdown started

The UAE will become the first Arab country to send a mission to Mars in next 40 days. Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre is responsible for the execution and supervision of all stages of the design.

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In the next 40 days, the UAE will become the first Arab country to send a mission to Mars.

The mission is part of a regional effort to promote education and create new opportunities, especially for young people.

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According to Arab News, the mission is not only for the UAE but for the entire region, according to Imran Sharaf, manager of the Muhammad bin Rashid Space Center’s mission project.

“The Arab region is going through a difficult time, and we need good news at such a time,” he added.

The Hope Mars mission will begin its journey on July 14 and is expected to reach the planet by February.

The project is overseen by Emirati teamwork on the project that began in 2014. The team designed the spacecraft and built it themselves.

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UAE announces its first mission to Mars

The team tested it over and over again and put it through the toughest conditions.

UAE Minister of Advanced Sciences Sarah Al Amiri explained why the project was important for the UAE.

Al-Amiri said the UAE’s economy is based on services, logistics, oil, and gas and is considered a diverse economy in the region.

“Sending a mission to Mars has given us the opportunity to not only showcase our engineering potential, but it has also created new opportunities for scientists in the UAE,” She said.

Al-Amiri said the data from the mission would be available to the public when the spacecraft began orbiting Mars in August and September next year.

UAE announces its first mission to Mars

The UAE did not have its own launchpad, but the spacecraft was sent to Japan in April, three weeks ahead of schedule due to growing travel restrictions to deal with the Coronavirus.

According to Imran Sharaf, nothing was easy about this mission, there were many challenges on its first day, and more difficulties arose when the coronavirus epidemic started.

“The UAE has always had plans for the future, and we will definitely not stop at Mars,” he added.

Alastair Burt, chairman of the Emirati Society, said in a webinar from London that only six countries have sent missions to Mars in the last 60 years.

The United Arab Emirates has already sent two satellites and an astronaut to the International Space Station.

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