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More than 100 companies boycotted Facebook

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According to news including Pepsi and Unilever’s stop advertising on social media sites, Pepsi Cola and Starbucks have also recently announced that they would not advertise on Facebook in the future, which has pushed the list of companies boycotting Facebook to more than 100.

Starbucks has also announced that it will not advertise on all social media platforms, including Facebook.

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According to the report, these companies say that users have been left unrestrained by Facebook, and they can post whatever they want. Facebook is not doing anything to stop hateful content.

According to CNBC, the Facebook boycott campaign has turned into an international boycott, and new companies are announcing a boycott of Facebook every day. So far, the boycotting companies include Verizon Communications and Unilever PLC. The campaign, which began last week, has led to a significant drop in Facebook’s stock market share, which has so far cost Facebook 56 billion dollars.


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