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Now T-Series will apologize after removal of Atif Aslam’s Song? Watch Indian Fan’s reaction

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After the removal of Atif Aslam’s song from the YouTube channel by the well-known Indian music and film production company (T-Series), people of their own country are protesting against the company on social media.

According to Indian newspaper India Today, the T-series removed Atif Aslam’s song (Kinna Sona) from the YouTube channel after the threat of the Hindu extremist party Maharashtra Newman Sena (MNS).

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The T-series had released Atif Aslam’s song on YouTube a few days ago, which went viral as soon as it was seen, and if the Pakistani singer’s popularity was not digested by Hindu extremists, he threatened the music company to remove the song.

According to India Today, the Hindu extremist group had threatened serious consequences for not removing the song from the T-series, after which the music company not only removed the Pakistani singer’s song but also apologized to the Hindu extremist party.

According to the report, T-Series removed the song and apologized to the Hindu extremist group, claiming that an employee of the company had uploaded the Pakistani singer’s song on YouTube by mistake.

According to the T-series, she did not promote the songs of Pakistani singers, and she does not intend to promote the songs of Pakistani singers.

While Atif Aslam’s song (Kinna Sona) was removed from the T-series, while Hindu extremists seemed happy with the music company, ordinary Indians also appeared angry with the company and started a trend in favor of Atif Aslam.

After the removal of Atif Aslam’s song, Indian fans started trending on Twitter (India Lose Atif Aslam) and (Unsubscribe T-Series) to record their protest against the music company.

Indian fans demanded that Atif Aslam’s song be re-uploaded on YouTube, as art has no boundaries.

After the Pakistani singer’s song was removed from the T-series, Indian fans appealed to the people to unsubscribe to the music company’s YouTube channel against the practice.

It may be recalled that earlier last year, the T-Series had removed the songs of Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from YouTube in February after protests by Hindu extremists.

The T-Series had removed some songs of Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from its YouTube channel after threats from the extremist political party Shiv Sena.

Hindu extremist groups launched a campaign against Pakistani singers and artists in India last year when Indian soldiers were killed in an attack in the Pulwama area of ​​occupied Kashmir.

After the deaths of Indian soldiers, extremist groups staged protests against Pakistani artists, threatening filmmakers and companies to stop working with Pakistani artists and singers. Otherwise, they would be prepared for dire consequences.

Many filmmakers and companies have refused to work with Pakistani artists and singers following threats from extremists, and Pakistani artists are still banned in India.

But considering the popularity of Atif Aslam in India, the T-series had Kinna Sona from the movie Marjawan released in 2019 produced by a Pakistani singer, and he is also included in the movie, but it was released on YouTube a few days ago.


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