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Online sexual harassment complaints increase during Corona Lockdown

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The Digital Rights Foundation says complaints to its cyber harassment helpline have increased by 189% during the nationwide lockdown in Pakistan to prevent the coronavirus.


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According to a statement issued by the NGO, the lockdown in Pakistan began in March after the spread of the coronavirus, after which we feared that there would be an increase in online harassment cases in particular and cyber-attacks in general. The organization, which works for digital freedom, said it received a total of 136 complaints of cyber harassment during the lockdown in March and April, 189 percent more than in January and February. And 47 complaints of online harassment were received.


Keep in mind millions of peoples are become jobless in this coronavirus condition, schools and educational institutions are closed due to this the ratio of peoples staying at homes are much more than normal days. They are free and don’t have any healthy activity, and they have easy access to social media and the internet many reports say the incensement of pornography and online harassment is increasing much more than ever before.


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