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Pakistan government lifted the ban on international flights

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The government has lifted the ban on international flights. International flights have been allowed to operate from all over the country except Turbat and Gwadar.

The Prime Minister also confirmed the resumption of flight operations through a tweet.

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The Civil Aviation Authority has issued a notice for the resumption of flights. About 250 flights will arrive at Pakistan’s airports. SOPs will be implemented in view of the coronavirus.

Cargo, special and diplomatic flights will also be able to continue operations. All airlines must strictly adhere to operating rules.

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In addition, only those passengers who have symptoms will have a corona test while the rest of the people will go to their homes without a test.

However, all passengers coming from abroad will have to quarantine themselves at home for 14 days.

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that the resumption of flight operations has been done exclusively for Pakistanis working abroad who have suffered the most from this crisis, but they raised our heads with pride with courage and perseverance. ۔ He said that Pakistanis living abroad are welcome in the country, and the government of Pakistan would make every effort to provide them facilities.

It is to be noted that the Punjab Department has changed the method of screening passengers at airports. Passengers without symptoms will be allowed to return home from the airport. Passengers with symptoms will be tested at the airport and will remain in quarantine centers until a negative report is received.

The new passenger screening guidelines will go into effect on Saturday, June 20.


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