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Pharmacy owner arrested for selling low-quality face mask in China, what was the punishment?

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The world is dying off due to the coronavirus, but some unscrupulous people have turned it into a source of income around the world in different ways by hoarding foods, medicine, medical instruments and much more.

In this situation, we also have seen in Pakistan by the pharma companies, by paramedical staff, by the prominent merchants of goods they start providing things in heavy rates even the low-quality products and much more the hoarding of things to create artificial shortage so they can increase the prices of things.

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But In China, a person has been given such a horrible punishment for selling low-quality face masks if such a punishment is given in Pakistan, no one would dare to commit forgery.

According to the China Morning Post, the man was identified as Li Dong, chairman of Beijing Jinghai Kang Bai Zhen Medicine, a company that makes face masks and other medical accessories.

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During the Coronavirus outbreak, the man-made and sold more than 3 million counterfeit masks and other counterfeit products, for which he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The court was told that Li Dong’s company earned 608,000 dollars by selling fake masks and other products. The court gives him a sentence of 15 years and also heavily fined the company.


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