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Plane Crash: The engine of the crashed plane and its wreckage were taken off the houses

KARACHI: The engine and paramedics of the PIA crashed plane was taken off the houses of the colony. Army, mechanized engineers, and Pakistan Air Force troops were also present to help the PIA.

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According to details, the heaviest parts of the crashed Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane were lifted. The wreckage of the plane was lifted from the destroyed houses in Jinnah Garden.

The wing and engine of the ship were pulled out of the middle of the houses with the help of a crane weighing in the presence of technicians.

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The plane sank 17 meters long and 5 meters wide inside the house.

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Sources said that heavy and heavy cranes were needed to lift the engine and feathers, but the road was narrow, densely populated, and there were difficulties due to power lines, after which the crew weighed the weight from KPT and Naval Dockyard. Rays and other machinery ordered.

Army, mechanized engineers, and Pakistan Air Force troops were also present to assist the PIA during the work. The Sindh Rangers 42 Wing sealed off the entire area and secured the debris transfer process.

According to sources, all the parts have been shifted to a safe place at Karachi Airport, where investigation teams will inspect them. Residents of the area appreciated the efforts of PIA, KPT, and Pakistan Army to safely remove the debris. ۔

A spokesman for PIA said that PIA has also decided to use cranes and heavy machinery to remove the roofs of affected houses. The spokesman said that the teams are technically experienced, and the work is common Can perform better and safer than workers.

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It may be recalled that on the afternoon of May 22, a PIA plane en route from Lahore to Karachi had a tragic accident when the plane crashed into houses in a residential area shortly before landing.

Ninety-seven passengers were killed in a tragic accident two days before Eid, while two passengers miraculously survived. The crash is under investigation.


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