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PM Imran Khan: 18th Amendment needs further Amendment.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan declared the 18th Amendment revocable and the National Finance Commission (NFC) award unworkable.

Talking to reporters in Karachi, PM Imran Khan said that the 18th Amendment has hastily put a number of things that need to be abolished. There are powers that no dictator had.

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The Prime Minister said that if the powers are transferred to the lower level, then the people will make better decisions, mayoral elections are held all over the world, the problem of Karachi and Lahore will never be solved till the mayor is directly elected and has powers. Am

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Referring to the NFC award, the Prime Minister said that what kind of system has been created that the federation gives money to the provinces and itself goes into a deficit of Rs 700 billion. The NFC award also has flaws, and it is unworkable.

Referring to the lockdown, the Prime Minister criticized PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and said that Bilawal did not know how the poor people lived, the lockdown could be in Bilawal House, not in the room where 10 poor people are present, Murad Ali Shah agrees with us in the meeting, later Bilawal makes another statement.


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