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President Trump has been forced to reform the police system

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After the killing of a black citizen by a police officer in the United States, it is time to get the reward of these protests. U.S. President Donald Trump is set to sign an executive order today on the treatment of African Americans.

The British news agency Reuters quoted U.S. officials as saying that President Trump was about to sign an executive order today designed to treat police officers better than African Americans and others.

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Under this executive order, the training, integrity, and mental health of police personnel will be further improved.

The order comes in the wake of the May 25 protests in Minneapolis following the death of black citizen George Floyd, which has left Trump in the most difficult state of law and order. The protests have been criticized not only by Democrats but also by allies around the world and are causing serious damage to his second term in office.

This executive order is designed to improve the quality of U.S. police, which will oblige the department to ensure, through the exchange of information, check the applicant’s background, social interaction, any violence history background, his life attitude, and much more. No candidate will be recruited until they didn’t satisfy his all previous record of the applicant.

Remember that in the United States, the death of George Floyd has proved to be a metaphor for change. The world has rejected racism and bigotry, after which the U.S. President has been forced to reform the police system.

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thousands of people protested not only in the United States but also in several countries, including Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia, in support of George, who was strangled to death by a police officer.



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