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Prime Minister Imran Khan assigned two more important responsibilities to the Tiger Force dealing with (COVID-19)

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Prime Minister Tiger Force is paying important roles in Ramadan. They expose many shopkeepers who are selling things other than government rates and also exposed the peoples who were hoarding of stocks and things.

Now Prime Minister Imran Khan has tasked the Special (COVID- 19) Relief Tiger Force, formed for the coronavirus crisis in the country, to join the tree planting campaign due to locusts and climate change. In a special address on the Tiger Force, the Prime Minister said that there were only two countries in the world that realized that we need volunteers to deal with the crisis caused by Corona.

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The Prime Minister said that we were the only Muslim country that decided that mosques would be kept open during Ramadan, and SOPs would be implemented in this regard. Opponents shouted that mosques should be closed It has spread all over the world, but our observation is that from mosques


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