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Prime Minister Narendra Modi India wants peace

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According to Reuter’s news agency, both India and China have said that they want peace, but both are blaming each other for the clash between the two countries’ forces in the Himalayas and the death of 20 soldiers as a result of stoning.


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Today after the death of 20 Indian soldiers Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India wants peace 


Referring to the physical clashes on Monday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “We did not provoke anyone. There should be no doubt that India wants peace, but we don’t compromise with the integrity and the sovereignty of our country. 



 A spokesman Xiao Lijian for the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing said the clashes began when Indian troops crossed the line illegally, provoked and attacked Chinese troops, leading to fierce physical confrontations between the two sides wounded and killed.


 He said he had not received any news of the death of any Chinese soldier, but Indian media was claiming that 45 Chinese soldiers were killed in the clashes. Xiao said the overall situation on the border is stable and under control.

Keep in mind, under an old agreement, not a single bullet was fired at the border between the two nuclear powers, but there have been several clashes between the two forces in recent times while patrolling the border.


According to the French news agency AFP, according to Indian officials, in the clash that started in the Ladakh, the soldiers of both countries got involved and threw stones at each other.


The site is located on a high mountain that borders the Ladakh region of Aksai Chin, which was annexed by China after the 1962 war.


The two countries’ armies have been staring at each other in the eye for decades, but this is the worst clash since 1967.

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