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Shortage of Monkeys in china for Experiments to develop coronavirus vaccines

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We are the only humans those are destroyed our planet earth, including jungles, animals, seas, sky each and everything.


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We have hunted so many Species even most of the species have vanished, and many have reached extinction limit.


Humans have used animals so many places for their purposes. The USA was the first country which sends the monkey in space in 1948. The first primate astronaut was Albert. He died of suffocation during the flight.


According to the daily Jang, scientists are in dire need of monkeys for vaccine experiments. Yisheng Biopharma is a global biopharmaceutical company in Shenyang, has been working day and night to treat the epidemic since January.


Now Experts in China are working day and night to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, even on weekends, but they are facing a new problem the lack of monkeys


 Keep in mind before china was saying that it has control over the virus, but after the new wave, they start much hard-working for the preparation of medicine.


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