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Supreme Court withdrew the order to open the markets, is it U-TURN?

The Supreme Court has withdrawn the order to open markets on Saturday and Sunday in view of increasing cases of Coronavirus in the country.

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A four-member larger bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the Coronavirus Suo Moto notice case.

During the hearing, the chief justice remarked that the government had not yet enacted protection legislation against Corona, to which the attorney general said the legislation had been enacted by the provinces.

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The Attorney General said that the federal government is taking precautionary measures against Corona, the federal government will ensure the implementation of SOPs.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed remarked that at the national level also there should be some legislation for protection from Corona, which would be applicable to the whole country. All the institutions of the country can function.

Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq remarked that it is not known where the number of coronaviruses will go, coronavirus does not differentiate between provinces, the federation should play a central role in this matter, the federal government should legislate to prevent coronavirus.

The Chief Justice said that nothing had been done so far regarding the law, immediate laws have been enacted in China to deal with the epidemic.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed remarked that the court is talking about the rights of the people, the protection of the lives of the people is the most fundamental right, the lives of the people are in danger in the current situation, the people will not be protected through the press conference. Security will come from making and enforcing the law.

Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq remarked that time is the greatest asset, time does not wait for anyone, you have no time now, more than 100,000 coronavirus cases have reported.

The Attorney General of Pakistan told the court that he would propose legislation to the government, to which the Chief Justice said that we are functional from day one, the courts cannot be closed, we are also feeling the effects of the coronavirus.

Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq remarked that protective equipment should be available to doctors in all cases.

Justice Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi said that the responsibility of the federal government is very high. The solution to protection from Corona is legislation, and legislation is in favor of the federal government.

Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq remarked that there would be no compensation if there was any loss due to a lack of protective equipment. The Chief Minister announces compensation for the death of the workers.

The Attorney General said that the markets were opened on Saturday and Sunday on the occasion of Eid, to which Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq said that the people have not yet become aware of it.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked how the SOPs would be implemented, while Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq said that the citizens also have to show responsibility.

Member Legal NDMA said that the testing capacity had exceeded 30,000, on which the Chief Justice said that 30,000 tests are equivalent to nothing, the population of Pakistan is 22 crore.

Member Legal NDMA said that the test capacity would be enhanced, to which Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq said that NDMA had asked the provinces to increase the testing capacity.

Member Legal NDMA said that 100 labs for Corona testing had been set up, on which the Chief Justice said that only 100 labs for 22 crores? One hundred labs are only for corona patients, what are they talking about, what will happen with 100 labs, 100 labs should be in Karachi only.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed further remarked that the documents of the goods requested were not on record, not that you will do whatever you want, you will have all the purchases audited.

The Chief Justice said that the NDMA had not been given a license to work voluntarily, it will audit every single thing of the NDMA, it is not known whether the ship Lease Perle Kirks benefited from Turkey, whether the NDMA is behind the locust heart.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has sought details from the government on the damages caused by locust attacks.

The Supreme Court sought records and details of medical supplies from the NDMA and sought a record of a ship lease from Turkey for locust spray.

The Supreme Court withdrew the order to reopen the markets on Saturday and Sunday and adjourned the hearing of the Corona Suo Moto notice for two weeks.


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