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The prime minister said Coronavirus could peak in July or August

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that if we are careful and follow standard operating procedures (SOPs), then we will deal with the epidemic, we think the epidemic could reach its peak in late July or August.


Addressing the situation of the Coronavirus in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said that if the people follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs), the cases will not spread rapidly.


He said that when a country is locked down, it does not mean that the Coronavirus will be eradicated. It means that we stopped it from spreading. Because the more people that gather, the Coronavirus spreads faster.

The Prime Minister said that if people stopped gathering in public places and going out, the Coronavirus will not spread, and it will slow down.


People went through a difficult time when we locked down. Unemployment is at an all-time high, and the poor and daily wages earners face big problems

In a concise period, we have distributed money among the people in a transparent manner, which has not created the problems that other emerging countries are facing


Imran Khan said that now the whole world has opened the lockdown because even the richest countries can’t afford the lockdown for a long time because of the impact of the lockdown on the people. After all, the economic collapse and create Unemployment, and it leads to poverty and hunger in poor countries.


The Prime Minister said that a country like the USA, where more than one lakh people have died from Corona, has also opened the country with SOPs, and they are forcibly opening the country, and in the meantime, the virus will start spreading again. If people follow SOPs and do business, the epidemic will spread slowly.


Keep in mind Imran khan has addressed many times to the Pakistani nation about others countries condition in Coronavirus and have requested to follow the SOPs, and told them we couldn’t win the war against Coronavirus whenever we do not follow the government SOPs being a nation.


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