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“This Turkish actor is performing ablution for money “

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Why there are so many objections are coming from Pakistani actors and some drama producers even some TV Drama channels against Turkish drama series Ghazi Ertugrul there are some reasons first of all the drama on Air from Pakistan national channel PTV and the government didn’t give the contract to private tv channels due to this individual channels’ seriously effect from both sides one from the revenue and the, on the other hand, their local drama industry effect because Pakistani peoples like the historic Islamic history and raise fingers on local industry that they didn’t forget the moral values in their drama industry.

Now one more Pakistani actor Shaan has sharply criticized Ertugrul’s main character Engin Altan Duzyatan Twitter .then a social media user named Sadaf Khan shared a video tagging with the actor Shaan. In which the Turkish actor Engin Altan Duzyatan who is playing the role of Ertugrul, is performing ablution. Sadaf wrote while mentioning actor Shaan that if Shaan didn’t want to learn abolition from Maulvi’s, then learn from this role of the drama. Actor Shaan answered and said that he does not learn his religion from shows and movies, Alhamdulillah! My mother taught me faith, and anyway, this is a Turkish actor who is doing wudu for money.

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