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Three Indian soldiers, including a colonel, were killed: China India Faceoff

A clash has broken out on the border between Indian and Chinese troops in the Galvan Valley of the Indian-administered Ladakh region.

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The situation between China and India has been tense for at least three months in at least three places.

According to India’s official statement, the clash took place during the withdrawal of troops on the border of Galvan Valley. The Indian military says a fierce battle broke out between the two countries’ armies in the Galvan Valley on the Indo-China border in Ladakh on Monday, in which an Indian army officer and two soldiers were killed. China, on the other hand, has accused India of crossing the disputed border.

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According to AFP and Indian media, the army officer killed in the clash belonged to Colonel Rank.

An Indian military officer stationed in the area told AFP that there was no firing in the area and that the Indian officer killed was Colonel Rank.

According to a statement issued by the Indian Army Headquarters, senior military officials of the two countries are currently meeting to resolve border tensions.

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There have been several military talks between the two countries over the past few days, but no solution has emerged. Earlier, India had said that the two countries had agreed to reduce their troop deployments on the border.

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The Indian Army said on Tuesday that its troops had been killed in a violent clash on the Chinese border.

According to the French news agency AFP, the clash took place after the deployment of additional troops in the area by both sides and the escalating tension for several weeks.

China, on the other hand, on Tuesday accused India of crossing the disputed border

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lijian Xiao told reporters that Indian forces crossed the border twice on Monday and attacked and provoked Chinese forces, leading to clashes between the two forces.

He said Beijing had strongly protested to Delhi over the issue, but the spokesman did not mention any casualties in the clashes. “We urge India to act responsibly and stop the forces on the border,” he said. “Don’t cross the border, don’t provoke and don’t take any unilateral action that would complicate the border situation.”

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According to AFP, there is a 3,500-kilometer border between the two nuclear powers with no formal demarcation.

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Fighting and tensions between the two countries are commonplace, but there have been no casualties for decades.

The Indian military has said that “soldiers were killed and wounded” on both sides, but Beijing did not mention any soldiers were killed or wounded but blamed India for the incident.

Senior military officials on both sides are negotiating to reduce tensions in the region.

The Indian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP: “There was no firing or use of weapons. It was a violent hand-to-hand fight.”

Thousands of troops from the two nuclear neighbors have been facing each other in a tense situation since May.

China India face off

Several soldiers were injured in a May 9 clash between China and India. Fights and stones were used against each other on both sides in the clash.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry says that only last week, through effective contacts between diplomatic and military officials, a “positive consensus” was reached on resolving the fresh border issue.

The Indian Foreign Ministry said in a recent statement that the two countries “will continue to engage in military and diplomatic contacts for peace and stability in the border area.”


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