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Top Paid Hollywood list of the Actors

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Dwayne Johnson has been listed as the top paid actor in the Hollywood industry for its second year running. It is heading a list that is dominated by the Netflix contracts. it is the Rock tops Hollywood pay list.

However, the ex-wrestler banked $87.5 million till the ending of June 2020. This annual ranking is given by Forbes.

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On the other hand, it is somehow a little bit down than that of last year i.e. $89.4 million; however, it ahead of second-placed Ryan Reynolds i.e. $71.5 million. It was boosted by Johnson’s $23.5 million fees for the next Netflix Red Notice.

It is pertinent to mention here that the ranking list doesn’t include actresses; however, they will be featured in a separate list in next month.

The top 10 Actors:

1. Dwayne Johnson ($87.5 million)

2. Ryan Reynolds ($71.5 million)

3. Mark Wahlberg ($58 million)

4. Ben Affleck ($55 million)

5. Vin Diesel ($54 million)

6. Akshay Kumar ($48.5 million)

7. Lin-Manuel Miranda ($45.5 million)

8. Will Smith ($44.5 million)

9. Adam Sandler ($41 million)

10. Jackie Chan ($40 million)

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