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Twitter: Trump can break anything, and It was just tiny twitter rule

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Twitter said Tuesday evening, “The tweets of US President Donald Trump will remain on his account, even if they violate the company’s rules.”

“We are not trying to tackle all misinformation, instead we prioritize based on the highest risk of harm, and we focus on media manipulation, civil safety, and Covid-19,” Bloomberg News reported.

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The company indicated that it should not determine the authenticity of the tweets, but it is trying to provide a context that helps people realize their minds in cases where the content of the tweet is in doubt.

And last week, Twitter released for the first time an audit of the truth of some of the President’s tweets, and the move came in the form of a tag under two of Trump’s tweets, that they talked about that ballot papers are subject to severe fraud.

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“Get the facts about ballot papers by mail,” read the tag added by Twitter, and by clicking on them, users will be directed to news articles and a list of highlights refuting Trump’s allegations.

Twitter has faced growing criticism for giving Trump a massive platform for spreading “false information,” and Trump, who has more than 80 million followers on Twitter, says his use of that platform is essential to go beyond what he describes as a biased media organization.



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