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What does COVID-19 mean? By Zartaj Gul it will make you laugh

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The federal government in Pakistan has been accused of not doing enough to raise awareness about the coronavirus, which is making the epidemic uncontrollable. How true is this accusation against the government? This can be a judge from the interpretation of Code 19 by Minister of Climate Change Zartaj Gul.

Zartaj Gul said on PTV. “Covid19 means it has 19 points that can be applied in any country in any way”  So we can see if a minister is not so aware of COVID- 19, it is not a difficult task to estimate how much information have general public about COVID-19.

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It is believed that the disease, which started in Wuhan China, in 2019, was first named Novel Corona Virus, but the WHO renamed it COVID 19 to keep the world free from regional prejudices.

In the name of COVID 19, “CO” means corona, “VI” means a virus, while “D” means disease. It is called COVID19 because the disease appeared in 2019, so 19 in COVID has nothing to do with 19 forms of the corona.

At the press conference where the WHO chief announced the new name, he also explained that the purpose of naming the novel coronavirus as COVID 19 was not to show its affiliation with an area, human or animal. Before the disease was renamed COVID 19, China was accused, and the virus was attributed to China.

As we have seen, Donald Trump also called it the Chinese virus in his one speech, and Chinese people and government called him racist even in many countries peoples were going to run away from Chinese peoples some start shooting on Chinese people.  


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