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Why is fair only lovely? After many famous celebrities avoiding product endorsement, is it the end of the notion?

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One of the most leading brands which endorse fair skin, the name itself clearly describes ‘being fair is lovely.’

The journey of Fair and Lovely started in 1971 to address the callous concept. The so-called concept of purity related to fairness started back in centuries in India, and it was so hard for a dusky girl to find a groom, although the concept has changed to some extent in the 21st Century.

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A research Scientist from India discovered that Vitamin B3 could lighten up their skin tone. To check its potential, he started experimenting with Vitamin B3 to notice the change in skin pigmentation. The most active ingredient in this product was and still is Niacinamide. And by using safe ingredients, he came up with this fairness cream, which engaged Asian Women as they desired fairer skin like Western.

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Among the most successful cosmetic brands, Fair and Lovely are found to occupy 80% market share in the fairness cream category in India and also in Asian countries, which clearly indicates the urge of Asian Women towards the fair complexion.

Recently few of the versatile Pakistani actresses Aiman Khan, Mawra Hoccane, and Sajal Aly were the faces of the leading brands, and the public was infuriated.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that social media plays a major role in glorifying fair skin instead of clearing out the misconception and making people feel comfortable enough in their own skin.

Celebrities spoke against the notion

Mahira Khan is the superstar of the Pakistan Industry; therefore, her voice matters a lot. While giving an interview to BBC Urdu, she spoke against the idea that fair is beautiful. She said celebrities should play a role in changing the mind of people rather than promoting outdated social concepts, and Recently, she tweeted that she has been keeping this in mind not to promote fairness product advertisements.

Iqra Aziz is one of the versatile actresses of Pakistan Industry these days. She has made a major place in Industry after her Two Hit Dramas. She has a beautiful complexion which she embraces with the utmost confidence. She includes in the list of those actresses who don’t whitewash their face with a lighter foundation to make them look fairer. She got offered to advertise this fairness cream, but she refused, on which Yasir Hussain, in a post, said he was really proud of his Fiance. The brand was willing to pay her a huge account, but she didn’t want to be part of the white complex campaign.

People were really proud of her for her decision and praised her a lot on social media.

Mansha Pasha is known for her best supporting roles! She worked really hard to make her place in Industry. In a post, Mansha Pasha said, “I used to be darker, I’m still tan, but light, camera, angle make a huge difference! People Grow, People Change! Stop obsessing Guys.”


Dark, tan, fair it’s all beautiful in its own way, It’s your own thinking!

Eman Suleman

She is a woman on a mission, and She is being seen constantly talking about issues boldly, which most people in the Industry can talk about but hardly anyone talks on it, and she is the one who uses this platform to spread positivity and talk on these social and major issues.

Eman Suleman

When Pakistani Actress Sajal Aly announced that she was going to get featured in Fair & Lovely’s latest TVC product for HD Glow, she questions on her Instagram Story “Why are we still advertising Fair and Lovely,” and she talks about how women have the pressure to look beautiful in our Society.

Also, Sajal Aly Fair and Lovely endorsement did not go very well with her fan.

Social Media plays an important role

It’s good to see Pakistani celebrities who openly talk against the obsession of fair skin. This is definitely the time to bring a change, and Pakistani celebrities can play a major role in bringing up this change by refusing to endorse fairness creams.

On June 25th, 2020, when Unilever posted a tweet that they’re removing the word fairness, whitening or lightening products and changing the name of the brand.

Twitter has exploded with a frustrated response to this announcement with the overarching sentiment that changing the name isn’t enough. That’s not the issue. The fact is whitening products exist, the idea of white skin describing the beauty standards of the skin, which is spreading the idea that other skin tones are lesser.


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