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Zohra Shah: Another innocent killed: But we need # hashtag, not justice??

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While reporting that an eight-year-old domestic worker was allegedly beaten to death, 8 YEARS OLD DOMESTIC WORKER, it echoing in my mind 8 years old domestic worker, honestly I don’t know what my feeling is, am I disgusted, angry, or irritated, first of all, Why her parents agree to send her to somebody’s house, If she had one, if so, why they are not caught one and why they are not behind bars.

What is the punishment for such parents in are rotten system, and If the parents say that they don’t have enough resources to provide them, They should be punished and so hard to set an example for the world, If you can provide them why do you bring them in the world?

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The sick person who assaulted physically to the frail little girl based Bahria Town Rawalpindi, initial reports say he has been caught. I don’t know how everybody else is feeling, but I feel he should be lynched to death, I know I know this statement will upset so many liberals and human rights people, But I don’t care because they will remain sleeping on this innocent soul-killing.




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